Cake Tins and Chocolate Filling

Cake Tins

These are all brand new cake tins that I received yesterday. I love these, only they do take a lot of the space in my kitchen cupboards, but that’s how it is when you are a cake maniac, right?

They’re all 3″ high which I love because I also use them to assemble my cakes, this way the filling is not “running” away.

In fact why not show you how I do it?
I use this technique only with mousse filling because it is still soft enough afterwards when you are going to prepare the cake for buttercream or chocolate ganache. So for those of you who make cakes with mousse fillings I hope that you can use it .

Step 1:
I use either a large plastic bag (food safe) or plastic wrap as a linning in the cake tin. Then I place the first cake layer in the tin and put the filling in a disposable piping bag.

Cake Tins

Step 2:
Then I pipe the filling onto the cake layer. You can smooth the filling with a small spatular before you add the next cake layer.

Cake Tins

Step 3:
Repeat until you are done with the final cake layer. Wrap the excess plastic on top and chill the cake until it is firm. Here I like to place a cake board and something heavy on top to get the filling levelled. This helps alot if you are having problems with bulging cakes.

Cake Tins

Step 4:
When the cake is all firm. Turn it onto a plate or cake board and carefully peel off the plastic. As you can see some of the filling is now squeezed out, wich is fine.

Cake Tins

Step 5:
Now scrape off any excess filling of the cake and it is now ready for buttercream or chocolate ganache.

Cake Tins

So there you have it :-) I would really like to know how common it is around the world to use mousse fillings in cakes. Here it is mostly used, since we are not that common with buttercream cakes. So please tell.

Happy caking


Cake Tins by Louise from CakeJournal