Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

Boston Bakes - Lucy and Tim Fonseca

Here’s an excerpt from a Boston Herald article on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is a sweet opportunity to contribute to the fight against a pernicious disease.

From Monday through Mother’s Day, May 10, 100 percent of the proceeds from a designated dessert at 173 area restaurants, cafes and bakeries will go to breast cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

In the past decade, Boston Bakes has raised more than $280,000, according to organizer Carol Brownman Sneider, who was 16 years old when she lost her 44-year-old mother Eva Brownman to breast cancer.

She credits the generosity of the Hub culinary community for Boston Bakes success.

“This year, when the economy went south, I was so afraid to even call the restaurants,” said Sneider. “But I have more participating this year than last.”

Every year, Boston Bakes is dedicated to a local chef’s relative who battled breast cancer. The 2009 honoree is Lucy Fonseca, the 92-year-old grandmother of Four Seasons Hotel Boston executive pastry chef Tim Fonseca.

“It was around the time when I was 17 or 18 and she was recovering from breast cancer that I made a strong commitment as a young adult to get to know my grandmother,” Tim Fonseca said. “In turn, we forged a friendship and a bond that really grew.”

Fonseca, an accomplished singer/songwriter who has released several CDs, credits his grandmother for both his love of baking and his musical career.

“My baking genes and my cooking genes come from my grandmother,” he said. “She’s never been a professional chef but her approach to it is very natural and very instinctual. She played piano and I played music growing up and sang, so she quasi claims credit for a few things in my life – pastry being one and music being another.”

Fonseca says the money raised by Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer couldn’t go to a better purpose.

“If they weren’t doing this kind of research at the level they do it at, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a friendship with my grandmother,” he said. “I wouldn’t have had her around to ask about my history, my culture and my family.

“Boston Bakes is a chance for me to take something that I’ve excelled at and maybe actually help raise more money and more attention for a cause that’s very close to home for me.”


Note: Omitted Lucy Fonseca’s Malasada (Fried Dough Recipe) that was included in the Boston Herald article as it’s available separately here at The Pastry Channel.

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